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Hypnotic Family Constellations (HTR® Transgenerational and Regressive Hypnosis method) is a brief therapy method derived from systemic and family therapies.

It allows to place a current personal problem in the wider perspective of the family system, sometimes over several generations, and thus to give it a new meaning and to proceed to repairs. The emotional work that accompanies the repositioning of family members is a powerful tool for inner transformation.

The sessions take place individually UNDER HYPNOSIS.

For which situations?

Family constellation work answers a wide variety of requests: to communicate better in one’s family of origin and in the family one has created, to re-establish a balance for oneself and/or for one’s children, to calm conflicts, to find one’s place in society, to realize oneself professionally, financially, to regain confidence, to discover family secrets, to live better after a break-up, to live better after a bereavement, to understand and stop blocking repetitive patterns, to repair wounds that do not belong to us in order to free ourselves from them (abandonment, betrayal, injustice, anger, humiliation, rejection?)

The work can be done even for adoptees who have no information about their biological family.

How does it work?

Before starting the session, I will ask you some questions about your family history and you will explain the nature of your request and the dark areas of your family that you wish to shed light on.

You will enter quietly in a state of hypnosis to connect with the family system in which it is necessary to restore order, to proceed with the work of forgiveness, reparations, blessings, all that will present itself as information on the level of the living as well as the deceased. We will let all the members who have interacted directly or indirectly with the family system express themselves.

Bringing the family history to light brings relief to the whole lineage and allows us to move forward more serenely in life, relieved of weights that did not belong to us.

Duration and price: approximately 2 hours , 150€ (190 US DOLLARS)

It is also possible to have a session with a surrogate : 200€ (250 US DOLLARS)


You would like to do a Regression Hypnosis session but you prefer someone else to do it for you because you know that you have difficulty letting go and entering a state of hypnosis? Because you have already done a hypnosis session but you did not get the answers to your questions?

The solution is the surrogate.

A surrogate is a psychic person who is very receptive to hypnosis and who will perform the session for you, entering a state of hypnosis for you by connecting to your energy.

It is also possible to perform this type of session for:

-one of your relatives who wishes to make a session but who has blocks or health problems preventing him/her from doing it

-a child or a teenager

How does the surrogate session work?

For this type of session we will collaborate with a medium channeler who has a lot of facility and capacity to enter a state of hypnosis and who connects very quickly to the subtle worlds. During the session she will connect to you, to your energy, to your guides, to your Higher Self. This session will be recorded and sent to you. She will be hypnotized for you on the day of your session, with the intention that this session is for you. You and I will have a preliminary online meeting on skype when you will explain to me the purpose of the session, tell me about your questions. I will then contact her and set up an appointment with her. During the session with the surrogate, we will do everything that is normally done during a family constellation session (clearing the blocks, reorganizing the family system, etc). You will be informed of the date and time of the session, it will be recorded, you don’t have to do anything special on that day. When she comes out of hypnosis I will send you the recording of the session and if you need to discuss it later we can talk about your session on skype.