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Presentation of the method

The QHHT® and the BQH® (Beyond Quantum Healing®) are multidimensional experiences that will give you answers to many questions: What is my life mission? Why do I have a particular health problem? Why do certain patterns repeat in my life? etc…

I work with Candace Craw Goldman’s BQH® method and the QHHT ® method (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy®), the regressive hypnosis method developed by Dolores Cannon, an eminent therapist who has published about 20 books on her research and thousands of sessions.

The difference between classical hypnotherapy and QHHT/BQH is the level of trance. We work in QHHT/BQH in the THETA state where information about your childhood, your ancestors, past lives and future lives as well as the spiritual state can be explored in order to move towards a more harmonious state of being (be careful, a hypnosis session is not a substitute for medical treatment, any ongoing treatment must be continued).

Be reassured, you will only receive information that you are capable of handling emotionally. Your Higher Self, your Subconscious Mind, knows everything about you and what you are capable of hearing.

Regression sessions can last up to 3 hours and are divided into five parts:

  • The interview process
  • The Past-Life Regression
  • The Body Scan (energetic healing)
  • Healing by inviting in your Subconscious (SC) or Higher Self
  • The debriefing and integrating process

1. The Interview Process:

During the interview you will discuss meaningful aspects of your current, present-day life, including the following:

  • key experiences that have impacted you
  • important and meaningful people in your life (past and present)
  • current problems or challenges
  • current health and wellness concerns, and
  • any questions you have for your SC

2. The Past Life Regression (PLR):

The first part of the hypnosis session is the Past Life Regression (PLR).

A typical PLR involves bringing in an experience of at least 3 past lives, understanding the lessons and purposes of those past lives, and working through the death experience so that there are no lingering aspects of that life carried over into your present life (or if there are aspects of that past life that have carried over into this life, there will be an opportunity to understand those experiences and allow them to move through.)  No physical pain will be experienced through the death process.   

3. The Body Scan (energetic healing to harmonize the chakras and remove implants and attachments as well)

4. Calling in your Subconscious

This part of the hypnosis session will be time spent calling in your Subconscious (SC), also known as your higher self, your higher power, etc.  During this part you are able to get answers and healing from your SC as the voice of your higher self is accessed through hypnosis. 

If you need some inspiration or ideas about appropriate questions, you can do an internet search or search on YouTube.  Common categories of questions are:

  • Career
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Present day questions about your daily life
  • Spirituality/life purpose

No question is off the table.  The Subconscious will always give the most appropriate information for you to have about your questions.  This might mean getting a direct response for a question you have, or it might mean that you get an answer from your Subconscious based on the overall wisdom of the Subconscious, rather than details or specifics. 

5. Debriefing and Integrating:

This is a chance to go over your session and integrate the experience, connections to your present day life, and any questions you may have about your session. You are welcome to spend as much or as little time reflecting on your session while with me. You will receive a copy of your recorded session and you are encouraged to listen to the recording several times as people generally report new insights every time they review their session. You can also contact me after the session if you have any questions.

  • During the hypnosis you will become very restful and relaxed.  It is recommended that you wear comfortable, soft clothing for your session. You will lie down on your bed or couch ( in my office it will be on the sofa).  You can bring your own blanket with you to the session or there will also be a clean blanket here for you to use as well.  It is important to snuggle in and enjoy the sensation of relaxation that comes with a session.

Mindset is important:

Try and refrain from drinking alcohol the night before if possible and have an appropriate amount of caffeine the morning of your session.

Please drink extra water the day before if possible and plan on drinking extra water after your session as well.  QHHT/BQH sessions often feel as deeply relaxing as getting a massage and similarly to a massage, please plan to be gentle with yourself afterwards and allow extra time to travel home. 

QHHT/BQH is deeply transformational and healing.  In order to get the most out of your session it is important to realize that all hypnosis is “self-hypnosis” and the more you are mentally and emotionally prepared to release resistance, the more restorative and impactful the experience will be. 

The best practice is to “get out of your own way” and allow the experience to unfold. 

A good mindset to have is one of openness and receptivity.  The session is completely confidential and any thoughts, images, or words that come into your mind are important and valid. 

Please do not analyze, censor, or try to control your thoughts—instead allow them to come forward freely without needing to understand them or where they are flowing from. 

There will be time for you after the session to label, analyze, organize, and make sense of your experience.  It is important to let go of judgments and your inner critic, allowing yourself to trust the first response that comes into your mind, allowing the detail to deepen and the sensory experience to become vibrant. 

A good way to practice this “non-judgmental” and observing mindset is to listen to guided meditations.  There are lots of great guided meditations on YouTube. Here is an example:

Everyone can be hypnotized!

Everyone goes through the somnambulistic state twice a day right before they fall asleep and right after waking up—that is when the part of the mind that connects us to our dreams is active, and that is the part of the mind we will be working with during the session. 

Your session is private and confidential. Only YOU can attend. You are free to share your experience afterwards.

ATTENTION: I will not receive people with psychotic and personality disorders. These people must be referred to a psychologist/psychiatrist.

(for english speaking people living in Europe please contact me for the European prices).

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ SAINT VALENTINES DAY OFFER ❤️ : a joint session with you and your partner for US$ 333 (normal price is 500)

“Exploring the past lives you and your partner have had in common”.

What karma have you both experienced?
Together, we will explore your couple’s history through time under hypnosis.
This will allow you to:
-better understand your relationship (soul mates/twin flames)
-untie karmic knots and blockages
-heal your emotional and karmic wounds
-give your relationship a new lease of life by lifting the veil on repetitive patterns
-find out “who” you both were

The sessions can be done on SKYPE for BQH especially . Just create a SKYPE account and add my nickname live:marieguerdin , send me a message and you will be added to the contact list. Make sure you have a wired headset with a microphone for the session (no bluetooth for technical reasons).

Contact me to get more info about the payment link ( PAYPAL / STRIPE )

It is also possible to do this session with a surrogate.

You would like to have a Regression Hypnosis session but you have difficulty letting go? Because you have already done a hypnosis session but you did not get the answers to your questions or were not able to go under ?

The solution is to do a past life regression session with a surrogate/ a proxy.

A surrogate is a psychic person who goes under very easily and who will perform the session for you, entering a state of hypnosis for you by connecting to your energy and your akashic records.

It is also possible to perform this type of session for:

-one of your relatives who wishes to have a session but who has blocks or health problems preventing him/her from doing it

-a baby to come

-a child or teenager who could not endure a long session

***The fee is US$399 with a surrogate***

How does the surrogate session work?

For this type of session we will collaborate with a medium channeler who has a lot of facility and capacity to enter a state of hypnosis and who connects very quickly to the subtle worlds. During the session she will connect to you, to your energy, to your guides, to your Higher Self and your akashic records. This session will be recorded and sent to you. She will be hypnotized for you on the day of your session, with the intention that this session is for you. You and I will have a preliminary online meeting on skype when you will explain to me the purpose of the session, tell me about your questions. I will then contact her and set up an appointment with her. During the session with the surrogate, we will do everything that is normally done during a regression session as if it was you (exploration of other lives, contact with your higher consciousness, release of your attachments if you have any, energy healing , etc.). You will be informed of the date and time of the session, it will be recorded, you don’t have to do anything special on that day. When she comes out of hypnosis I will send you the recording of the session and if you need to discuss it later we can talk about your session on skype.

s Cannon

Member of Cosmic Awakening

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