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In 2017 I had my first hypnosis experience as a subject and I was blown away by the extremely positive results and by the turnaround that my life took thanks to the new keys of understanding I was able to obtain about myself in this altered state of consciousness. It is this state (hypnosis) that opens the doors to your unconscious and releases everything that needs to be released. The benefits of therapeutic hypnosis are now recognized in the medical field (surgery under hypnosis, analgesic hypnosis, etc.). I then decided to train in this form of therapy.

I practice different types of hypnosis in order to better adapt to the profile of each person, to the beliefs of each person and to the age of the consultants. The keys can be found in the unconscious as well as in past wounds, in past lives (depending on your beliefs, I will only discuss this subject with adults if it comes up in a session), in your education, in your family system, in the transgenerational lineage, etc. We will find together the keys to make you feel better.

I am a graduate of Dolores Cannon’s QHHT ® Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and BQH® (Beyond Quantum Healing), and I am also trained in classical hypnosis (direct and indirect), in new hypnosis techniques (Phénix Institut) and in hypnosis for children and teenagers (Kiddy Mind®, HypnoMômes, Céline Preher and Sarah Bonjour trainings), in parental guidance for ADD/ADHD, HPI and atypical/hypersensitive children and in integrative orientation. My experience as a teacher is an asset to deal with school and orientation issues.

I have broadened my methods by training in transgenerational issues, individual family constellations under hypnosis (HTR method), as well as cellular reprogramming protocols for its benefits on the body (you should not however stop your medical treatment, I am not a doctor).

After spending a year in Ireland and a year in the United States for my studies, I worked for 16 years as a certified English teacher where I was able to organize trips to Ireland on the theme of Celtic culture. I have also translated into French American QHHT hypnosis reports and British and American articles with « spiritual » content.